Yanmar mCHP

An Energy Revolution

Are you looking for a new way to meet your energy needs, a way that is much more efficient, generates real savings and is significantly better for the planet?

Well designed and cost effective CHP systems can bridge the gap between how power is generated and delivered today and what forward thinking consumers need.  We offer consumers and businesses a way to manage their total energy costs (both heat and electrical), ensure reliability and still demonstrate good environmental stewardship.  Whether you buy a complete energy solution from us or just buy your energy from us it will have been generated on-site and at significant discount to your current set-up.

Our Services

For more than 5 years we have been providing a new generation of total energy solutions to residential customers and small businesses alike.  We handle everything from start to finish, from evaluation, design, project planning, implementation, maintenance, and commissioning.

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Yanmar’s mCHP system uses an internal combustion engine, powered by  clean natural gas or propane, to produce both heat and electric power.  The unit efficiently utilizes up to 84% of the fuel burn versus 33% burn rate of conventional, from-the-grid sources.

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The CP10WN micro CHP provides 10kW of electrical output along with recovered heat for generating hot water at rated temperature of 158 degrees F.  That output, along with a total efficiency as a high as 88%, makes the CP10WN suitable for applications like nursing homes, fitness centers, restaurants, hotels, mulit-family housing, and large residences.

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 Case Studies


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Case Study: Propane Training Facility